he asked...she said yes...
...blog written on 11.14.11, shortly after the engagement...

yes! (get used to it...)
dear everyone, i didn’t mean to lie to you in my last post.  i had written that i had decided to reach out to a friend and would be joining him and several other friends for dinner last friday evening. i honestly thought that’s what my evening was going to entail, but little did i know that i was not only lying to my readership, i would also be making one of the biggest decisions of my life that night…(enter crackling thunder here…)
on friday, 11/11/11, i chatted with my good friend matty c in san francisco to find out if he and shauna and some other people were around the city that night or the next day to see if they wanted to hang out.  they were available, and we eventually decided on dinner at a cuban restaurant in the haight.  sounded great to me!  shortly before i headed out from work, matty mentioned that our friend mikey had some free tickets to an open bar and we were going to go there first and push dinner until a little later.  i think i made some joke about wedding crashing before matty confirmed it was a film festival that we probably wouldn’t stick around for.  i was down for anything that night and just wanted to see people’s faces so i said ok!
they picked me up around 6 and started driving me around the city.  i’m going to stop here and explain that you have to understand my sf perspective - i’ve been up to the city numerous times but it’s rare that i’ve ever been left to my own devices to get from one place to another, so when they started heading to the palace of fine arts for this “film festival”* i hardly even noticed.  i think i was blabbing on about how great work had been that week (which was true, go zinch!) - all i know is that i couldn’t get much info out of shauna or matty at the time, so i just kept on chatting.  eventually we got to the palace of fine arts and was then directed by shauna to head to the dome where i’d be able to find mikey with the tickets - shauna and matty needed to park in the meantime.  sounded reasonable enough to me, so i promised i’d text them when i figured out where we needed to meet up.  
after i got out of the car and started walking to the dome, i thought it seemed a little quiet for an open bar and a film festival but i figured, “hey, it’s been raining and maybe everything’s happening inside?” so when i finally walked into the dome and saw a guy there who looked like doug, i tried to shake the thought off and stop pretending he was there, because there’s no way doug was in sf, right? - i just talked to him that day and he said he might go to the basketball game in la that day…
and then this “doug” character said “you’re not going to dinner with them - you’re coming to dinner with me” - what?! - this really was doug!! he then surprised me with a bouquet of roses…at which point this group of asian kids who were also in the dome started clapping.  :)
in january 2011, i took kristin ring shopping for her birthday. kristin, as i discovered, was not one of the girls who has known exactly what type of ring she wanted since her 16th birthday - another reason i love her. over the next few months, kristin provided a few suggestions about her likes and dislikes, but we both became quite busy with work and school and the subject dropped off the radar. 

fast forward a few months - i bought a ring that had to be custom made (kristin has such dainty fingers after all). while i was waiting for my ring, my roommate proposed to his lady friend and set the proposal bar pretty high. while i tormented myself trying to come up with a proposal strategy, the days kept passing on the calendar. i took advantage of a trip that kristin took to las vegas to sneak a visit with her mother to discuss love and tactics. she gave me a few tips and promised to hold her tongue until the ring was on the finger. 

in october, after much fretting and procrastinating, i came up with a plan. kristin was scheduled to work in san francisco for a week in november - i had the opening i needed! i carefully plotted and schemed. i told my roommate that i was driving up to san francisco with a ring in my pocket. i drove to visalia and told my parents that i was driving up to san francisco with a ring in my pocket. and so, on friday, november 11, 2011 (11-11-11), i left for san francisco with a dream in my heart, a dinner reservation set, a general plan in mind...and a ring in my pocket. 

after i traversed over the bay bridge, i drove around and scouted my locations as the rain clouds started to form. instead of dwelling on the bad omen, i felt like i might get my own “Ryan Gosling in The Notebook” moment.  i ducked inside a coffee shop and logged on to my computer to hammer out the details of the plan. kristin has the greatest friends in the world, who have welcomed me with open arms and manly hugs, and i was fairly certain they would be game for helping me with the proposal. covertly, i chatted with kristin and her friends to ascertain her whereabouts that evening. knowing kristin to be gullible, i conscripted matt clements to do the legwork (can’t thank you enough) to get her to where i needed her to be. subversively, i didn’t tell him any more than he needed to know. as far as i was concerned, intel for this mission was strictly need-to-know.

i changed my clothes, picked up some flowers, and drove over to the first location amidst a deluge to await the arrival of the unsuspecting kristin. i’ll let her pick up the tale from here, but i will interject momentarily to clarify the timeline.   http://youtu.be/lS2BpORASX0?t=16sshapeimage_3_link_0
DOUG: i told you i would interject! i waited in the dome here for a solid hour and watched the rain pour, then ease to a drizzle, and ultimately to a muggy and intermittent half-mist. patiently biding my time and monitoring my phone for an incoming warning text message, i watched tourists and visitors come and go. i was nervous - any of these individuals could blow my cover! one group of young women enjoyed a picnic dinner. this group of tourists had a camera, and they were taking pictures of everything. they even employed me to snap a shot of them, as tourists are wont to do. i nervously obliged and resumed monitoring my phone. finally, the message came: the eagle had landed. i had rehearsed what i would say to kristin, but what i blurted out was what she wrote above. back to you kristin!
KRISTIN: next, doug suggested we take a walk, so we headed down to crissy field.  the rain had stopped at this point, so although it was a little chilly, it was pretty nice out.  meanwhile, in my brain - i couldn’t stop thinking, “is what i think is going to happen really going to happen right now? ”  ”what is he doing here?” “is he going to propose?” “what if he’s not going to propose?  then i should stop thinking he’s going to propose…” “but he’s in san francisco, with roses, and we’re walking outside after it rained and this is all feeling really romantic, he must be!” “if he doesn’t propose at the end of this he’s going to be in trouble”, while on the outside, i’m pretty sure i was only able to speak gibberish and put out thoughts like “what are you doing here?” and “how was your day” and “what?” and “these roses smell so nice”.  i was having a pretty difficult time trying to keep it together. and if i was going to get proposed to, i didn’t want to screw it up!
out on crissy field, we walked down into the sand and out towards the water.  there were clouds in the sky, but the golden gate bridge was well lit, and you could see the water in front of us and the city behind us - it was pretty striking, really.  and then we stopped walking.  
and he turned towards me - and he held my hands - and he started saying the most wonderful things - and then - 
he got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him.  cue tears, cue smiling, cue hugging and kissing and YESSSS-ING.  i decided to say yes.  although at this point i’m pretty sure the decision had been made long ago, i was finally able to say the words out loud.  
the whole evening was perfect - it felt surreal yet totally natural and i’m still pretty sure i haven’t stopped smiling yet.  i’m incredibly happy and i can’t wait to marry doug.  he makes my heart happy.  :)
oh, and did i mention the ring?!

i feel like the happiest lady in the world.  love you doug, and looking forward to many years ahead (geeeeet used to it!!)
*mad props to matty for actually doing research and having a legitimate film festival discovered and ready to refer to if i started asking questions. 
**double mad props to everyone else who played such an integral role - i was so surprised and you’re all so sneaky!!!