how we met
short answer: 
through friends

better answer:
doug and kristin met as bruins at UCLA through mutual friends. kristin attributes their meeting to her involvement with Dance Marathon and the subsequent get-together she was attending at a committee member’s apartment who just-so-happened to be doug’s roommate. at said party, kristin told her friend “i think your roommate’s cute.” doug later reported this was not the first time or first girl who had passed along this message to his roommate.  

their relationship didn’t develop from the “love at first sight” chapter, but somewhere in-between the “hey, i keep seeing you at the same events hanging out with the same friends” and “i think we get along well” chapters of the book of love. doug and kristin finally exchanged email addresses which sparked their email/g-chat romance (it’s the stuff of fairytales, i know...). soon these internet conversations turned into real-life hangouts. on kristin’s birthday in 2008, her girlfriends threw her a surprise party, and in a very strategic move, invited doug. throughout the evening, doug and kristin held hands, while kristin declared to her girlfriends “you guys, he TOTALLY loves me...”

later that night they exchanged their first kiss to the romantic undulations of the ghostbusters movie in the background, while their friends hid in the kitchen. the rest is history.

while they didn’t take any pictures together that night, there were a few great moments captured: